My Credo – a personal avowal of Kateřina Šimáčková, a judge of the Constitutional Court. Věra Výtvarová, a partner of PwC, in Why I am a Patron.

Romana Benešová, a KPMG partner and her Leader’s Experience. Work-Life Balance according to Markéta Moreno from Vodafone.

Stumbling blocks of mentoring as seen by Vera Budway-Strobach from Erste Bank Group. Mentee Vidha Kochar about the Equilibrium programme of the British Chamber of Commerce.

Money or sex? Which is talked about more often? Whose fault is it – or The state of mind. I don’t bring work home, says Jolana Melounová from the Lego Group.

Lenka Bučková from RWE: I do things out of love. Iva Hošková about starting her own business. The power of perseverance. About female self-confidence. And much more...

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