My Credo – Jaroslava Haid-Járková, CEO at Henkel ČR. Tatiana Purdiaková, CFO and a member of the board of Partners Financial Services, and her journey to success.

Work-Life Balance seen unconventionally – by Kateřina Vacková, a student who is changing the CR. Viktória Kapušanská from Raiffeisenbank and her photo-diary.

A profile of the patron Jindřich Waldes. Marta Slánská from Maxima Reality on philanthropy. The winners of Lady Business competition and their journey to success.

Start thinking like violent people do or How not to become a victim of violence. Workload and psychosomatic problems. Generation Y or Upbringing for success.

Fintech changes the face of the world of finance. What does responsibility entail for members of statutory bodies?

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