Kateřina Štěrbová, the Board member of NN Penzijní společnost, in the column My Credo. What Barbora Chuecos, Managing Director, Mary Kay CR / SR, think about...

How do American women live and work in Prague? LaDana Edwards, the partner in Deloitte, and Kristin LaRonca Parpel share their experiences and views about Czech.

Dana Krautstenglová in the column The Change. When Dana was in her fifties she changed specialization and run the business with young man and now she is the CEO of the most successful catering company.

So much to do or When fatigue is tabu. What are the possibilities and benefits of shadowing? Iva Javorská, the partner in Randa Havel Legal, in Eva Benesova’s questions. How to balance work and family when the business is starting?

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