Kateřina Jacques Bursíková, Executive Director, Sněmovní 7, and Senta Čermáková, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte ČR in My Credo.

An interview with the opera singer Lucie Kaňková about work and about building a career abroad.

Leader’s Experience: Katarína Kohlmayer, a member of the board of KKCG, and Jana Hrabětová, Head of strategy and development, E.ON.

What is she thinking about… Pavla Gomba, Executive Director, UNICEF Czech Republic.

Nora Fridrichová, Czech television presenter, talks about why she became a philanthropist. An interview with George J. Podzimek about Rotary Club values and organisation.

How to maintain a work-life balance when your personal life goes adrift.

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